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In the Peak District we know about hills and we care about the ride.
For us, performance and power must come with style and detail.
Looking for the best value dutch style, folding and hybrid electric bikes with great quality and perfect service in the UK?  RIDE THIS WAY.

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Love life on two wheels. Look forward to your commute.
Get into the countryside. Climb higher, go further.
Cycling hasn't been this much fun since your first bike.
Curious? Book a test ride with a JUICY retail partner.

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RISK FREE 14 day home trial when you buy on-line.
Established UK brand with great rider and press reviews.
Full 12 month warranty as standard or extend to 24 for £69.
Click and collect: Built for you to collect from your local bike shop.

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Tailor it to you: modular design enables you to choose from five frame styles, five battery sizes, four wheels sizes, three brake options, two handlebar displays and five glorious colours.
So you're sure it's right for you. We'll build your perfect bike.

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Electric Bike Accessories Dapper Cap


We love Kickstarter. Creative people present cool projects and anyone interested helps to fund them. Predictably, it's a goldmine for clever and beautiful bike stuff. Gadgets, accessories, apparel – all sorts of innovative products that might be deemed a bit too risky by the average board of directors. And since each project is the independent creation of someone like you or me, we can enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling of helping out an entrepreneur. Who needs middle-men?

We dove in to find out which items make the best fit for the enlightened e-bike rider:

7. Buca Boot

For the urban e-cyclists among us comes the Buca Boot: a rack mounted storage box with an clever sliding lid mechanism. We appreciate the Buca for being a simple concept well executed – smart, secure and completely weatherproof. A great place for a battery charger.



6. WingLights

E-bikes are already a great choice for safe city cycling, and a pair of WingLights would give us just that bit more confidence: a pair of bright LEDs sit on each end of your handlebars and act as traditional indicators. We like the sound of bright, visible turning signals – any cyclist knows the importance of making your presence known and your intentions clear.


WingLights Electric Bike Accessories


5. VIER Lock

Cycle security is traditionally a trade-off between peace of mind and how much metal you’re willing to lug. And while we wouldn’t recommend anything less than a U-lock, we freely admit that the their bulk can be a hassle. So of course we love the sound of the VIER – it collapses neatly to the size of a burrito (for us brits: imagine a swiss roll), yet it doesn't seem to skimp on security.


Electric Bikes Accessories VIER Lock


4. Dapper Cap

Dapper Caps are smart-looking cycle helmets manufactured down in Cornwall. They're light and strong thanks to their carbon make-up, and they look smashing to boot. We love to see modern materials used in a retro product -- a must buy for riders of more traditional looking e-bikes.


Accessories for Electric Bikes, apparel, Dapper Cap


3. Blink Steady

Blink Steady lights are elegant, low-profile and shut off when you’re not riding. What more could you ask for?


Blink Steady lights, accessories for electric bikes


2. The Breaker

The ominously named Breaker is another ‘last tool you’ll ever need’ proposition, but an attractive one: a high-quality multitool with a built-in chain breaker. We love the emphasis on craftsmanship, simplicity, and plain old heftiness. And we’re suckers for a nice leather case.

Breaker Multitool, accessories for electric bikes


1. Orp Smart Horn

The Orp lets you to choose between a friendly jingle or a more ‘urgent’ tone (which as far as we can tell means ‘shrill’.) We love the idea of being able to alert either cars or people to our presence, but without unduly terrifying the poor pedestrians. And a built in light should help keep down the handlebar clutter. Very cool.


Orp Smart Horn, Accessories for Electric Bikes


So be sure to check back at Kickstarter in the future – it's a regular source of new ideas, ranging from the just plain useful to the just plain rubbish. Strangely, I can’t seem to get my own project (Handle-Barrista™) off the ground. Who wouldn’t want a handlebar-mounted espresso machine?








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