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Hybrid Electric Bike - curvy Sport Click eco-jbs_click_39

Sport ebike in profile Heath colour
Sport ebike in profile Heath colour Juicy Sport bike in profile-heath colour Sport e-bike in profile-River colour Key features of the Sport e-bike Couple at cafe table with Sport bike in foreground Sport in Heath colour at Chatsworth Farm Shop Sport ebike in Heath, frame detail Sport e-bike with rider Sport bike and couple in woodland setting
Juicy Sport bike in profile-heath colour
Juicy Sport bike in profile-heath colour Key features of the Sport e-bike Couple at cafe table with Sport bike in foreground Sport in Heath colour at Chatsworth Farm Shop Sport ebike in Heath, frame detail Sport e-bike with rider Sport bike and couple in woodland setting
Sport e-bike in profile-River colour
Sport e-bike in profile-River colour Key features of the Sport e-bike Couple at cafe table with Sport bike in foreground Sport in Heath colour at Chatsworth Farm Shop Sport ebike in Heath, frame detail Sport e-bike with rider Sport bike and couple in woodland setting
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£ 1,085.00 each Brand: Juicy BikeJuicy Bike

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Smooth out hills and conquer cities - meet your match in our Hybrid Sport.

Sleek, strong and stylish, our eye-catching 'Sport' electric bike with its light alloy frame builds upon the success of its high-performing predecessors. Now including the Juicy Click system for future-proofing your bike and making upgrades a breeze. Take a closer look at the new quick adjust handlebars with a gentle sweep to get just the right riding position - easily.

Our new, even slicker Sport has stainless spokes and chain, a new rack with LED lights, and super-tough polycarbonate mud guards. A high quality lithium battery, powerful motor, throttle and three levels of Power Assist make this proudly one of the best electric bikes around.

Tailor it to suit you with three great colours, cool add-ons and a range of batteries to extend its range, exactly matched to what you need.

Our electric bikes are tried and tested in the hills of the Peak District. 


Smooth riding suspension forks, adjustable suspension seat post; quick adjust handlebar stem; mid-frame battery position to provide low centre of gravity and rider stability.

Consider for: Hybrid / Commuting / Road

250W 36V, maintenance free, brushless DC, rear hub motor delivers maximum power and assisted speed up to 15.5 MPH (UK/EU legal maximum).
315WH/8.8AH Li Ion as standard, giving 20 miles in medium assist, or upgrade to 375WH/10.4 (30), 470WH/13AH (45), 560WH/15.6AH (60 Miles)
Assisted speed is 15.5 Mph, software limited.

Hand welded, light and strong aluminium alloy. Frame: 18.5" /47 cm, susp. seat post adds 2" (5cm) making it suited to a rider with inside leg measurement of 28" (71 cm) to 34" (86.5 cm).

6 speed Shimano derailleur, with stainless chain for easy maintenance.
23.5 Kg including easily removable 3.25 kg 10Ah battery and 1.5 kg removable free extras.
On/off as you ride, with 3 levels of assist and a start assist throttle for extra power when you need it most. Or upgrade to 5 levels of assist and more features with our LCD display.
Tektro disk brakes front and rear for excellent stopping power in all weathers, or upgrade to super-sensitive hydraulic if you prefer.
26" extra strong double walled rims, with stainless spokes and Kenda puncture resistant tyres; secure quick-release front wheel for easy transport.

Handy rack and kick stand; LED lights front and rear; uncrushable polycarbonate mudguards; intelligent charger and a full 12 month warranty.

People love our bikes - see what others say:
5 1 5
2019-10-15 16:03
I have had my new Juicy Sport Click now for just over 2 weeks and have been using it on an almost daily basis. Quick Bio. I am 61, have an ordinary bike but never used it that often as hills were literally a pain even in the lowest gear. My friend owns M8 Cycles in Coatbridge (also known as Scotcast,) and I had a test run on a few of the Juicy bikes that they had in stock. The Sport click wasn't my immediate choice as I wasn't to sure about the lower mid bar, thinking it looked a little bit 'feminine.' However after trying it I was won over by its ease of use and the kick it gave you when under battery power, plus you don't necessarily ride a bike for it's looks. I have also seen other people riding the bike and it looks fine.

I upgraded to the 60 mile battery as I didn't want to be charging every day, especially as it is recommended that you only allow it to get to 50% charge before re-charging. This would only really give you 10 miles on the std. battery. I haven't had any power issues as yet and don't expect to.

The bike is heavy, much heavier that a standard mountain bike. It is well made and put together. You do however need to completely remove the seat post to take out the battery for charging. On their Youtube channel, Juicy show the seat being tilted up to remove the battery but this isn't the case. Not a big issue as you can also charge the battery without removing it if you can get close enough to a socket.

When I removed the battery for the first time the seat post came out in one piece as you would expect, but when I went to remove it again to replace the battery, the seat 'fell apart,' as I removed the post. The outer metal casing fell into the frame together with the spring and I was left with the leather seat and a white plastic polycarbonate inner post. I tried to put them back together again without success. There is also a male thread at the top of the outer seat post just below where the rubber 'concertina' section sits below the seat. There appears to be a female threaded connection at the bottom of the rubber concertina section that I imagine should be screwed into the male thread on the post, but this was unconnected and I am wondering if that has something to do with the seat post etc. coming apart. The seat was replaced next day by M8 so again not a major issue, just some QC needed at the manufacturer. Replacement seat is fine.

I also noticed that when you remove the battery,it can also easily hit the the seat post locking mechanism knocking it off the tube that takes the seat. This happened on at least 2 occasions but I am now aware of this I make sure to be a little more careful.

You also need to make sure that the battery is fully engaged in the slide rail when replacing it as the locking bolt will not engage if it is not.

The bike has 6 gears, but there are occasions when I feel that another gear would be useful.

It also has 3 levels of assistance and I have found that for most of my cycling, level 2 is a good balance. Level 1 needs more effort from yourself and Level 3 is a bit of a breeze. If you want to feel the benefit in your legs, then stick to level 1 or 2. Their is also a twist grip throttle, which I was under the impression was for the 'wal me home' function. Eh!, not. This throttle can easily get you upto around 10 miles an hour on the flat. The walk me home function I discovered, needs you to press and hold the 'minus (-)' key on the controller to get the bike moving under electric power at walking pace.

The suspension is good and is very noticeable after riding a mountain bike without any. The lowest seat position is just about right for me. I am 5" 10" with a 31" inside leg and my toes can just touch the ground, so if your legs are any shorter it may not be the bikle for you.

The moveable/adjustable handlebars should not be overlooked as they can be configured to give you exactly the right position for your height and riding style. I have a bad back so mine are fairly high so I don't need to bend so much, but they can be dropped if you like a more lean into the wind style.

It says above that it comes in 3 great colours but there are in fact only 2 available from the drop down menu. Mine is 'River' which is a turquiose/green colour with the 'Heath' being more a Pink colour.

I have only used the headlight once, and to be honest it is probably more so that people can see you, as although you can see the beams in front of you, it does not illuminate all that well. Minor point though.

All in all a good bike. Sturdy. Well put together (faulty seat apart,) robust enough for years of use and easy to ride with it's wide tyres gripping the road like limpets. Front brakes judder a wee bit when applied hard but this might be me not being used to front suspension on a bike. Not a big deal. Battery seems good and the twist grip throttle is 'surprising' in the speed it can get you up to. There is an LCD upgraded controller available that allows you more options and some additional control over the battery and motor use, but until I explore the limits of the one supplied, I'll leave that hanging.

My bike came fully put together by M8 Cycles and as the manual is a bit sparse on assembly instructions, if you have a retailer near you get it from them. It costs the same as buying direct and you get the comfort of some retail backup (e.g. seat.)

Thanks to Joe, Alan and Brian at M8 Cycles in Coatbridge for all their help in letting me 'play' on the bikes and get a feel for them. If you need a bike in Central Scotland, get it from them. You will get personal service.
5 1 4
2017-01-22 15:07
my wife and I have fully enjoyed our two Juicy bikes since we purchased them in May 2016. They have been mainly used in Spain on our 3 monthly visit there and they performed fantastically, they were greatly admired by every one we came in contact with.
5 1 5
2017-01-09 17:37
I have been the proud owner of one of your Juicy cycles for just over a year now , and in that time I have cycled coming up to 1, 000 miles. I had tried many other cycles from other suppliers but finding your company at The Cycle Show at the NEC in 2015 and receiving some sound advice from Oliver I went ahead and placed a order.
The cycle I purchased was value for money , if I have needed any advice your company has been most helpful. I would not hesitate in recommending Juicy Electric Cycles to anyone.
5 1 5
2016-06-28 12:47
I have today bought my new Juicy Sports Bike from their friendly trade centre at New Mills. I had over the past two weeks tried Gtech's new electric bike. Unfortunately (or as it proved to be fortunately) I had to send back the Gtech bike as the 21" frame was just too large for me. However the electric bike experience for a non cyclist was great and I thought that it was a shame that I could not get into a comfortable riding position on the Gtech bike. How lucky did this turn out to be. Having now decided that I should continue to look for a more suitable electric assist bike, I found that Juicy Bikes has loads of good user reviews and that their headquarters for only 1 hour from home. Research on the Internet finished and fancying a look at their Sports Click, I set off for Juicy Bikes. I was greeted by Sarah the owners wife and immediately given a cup of coffee and an offer of a test ride on the new Juicy Sports Click. What a revelation! I had thought that Gtech's bike was good but delivered a somewhat harsh and uncomfortable ride. The Juicy bike was light years better, very comfortable, more power, easier to ride and looked fantastic compared to the Gtech bike. I was bitten and quickly rode back to Juicy headquarters to conclude the sale. On returning home with my new Juicy bike fitted with pannier bags and a ultra cool leather sprung seat I had took it on its inaugural ride using the same route I had done on the Gtech bike. The difference was simply amazing, gone had the harsh riding experience or the hard work riding up the steep hills that surround my home, the Juicy Bike delivered an amazing ride, tackling the hills in its stride, the suspension smoothing out the bumbs in the poor road surfaces and putting a silly grin of satisfaction on my face. I had been lucky, if the Gtech's frame at 21" hadn't been too big for me I would had kept it in ignorance but now I am a proud owner of a much more superior bike and for roughly the same price. Thank you Juicy I will update the review in the next month or so but for now I really recommend any one considering buying an electric bike try a Juicy Bike, you will not be disappointed
5 1 5
2015-03-23 09:05
Nearly 2 years since I bought my Juicy Lucy and we have now clocked up over 4,500 miles just in commuting to work and back ... am still loving her and the cycling ... even when it pours.
Cheers guys!
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