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Hydraulic brake upgrade

Tektro Auriga hydraulic brake system
£ 199.00 each

Add a little more to your new Classic or Sport...

For some riders who need extra help when braking we can add hydraulic brakes to replace standard disk brakes on our Classic and Sport bike ranges (only).

For the vast majority of riders our standard brakes, which use cable operated brake levers and calipers, are more than effective and perfect for stopping our bikes.

Some riders though need extra help with improving the effort required from their hands to stop the bike (steep hills, weak fingers / hands, or simply super-safety-conscious).  In these cases we can customise a new bike to include our Tektro Hydraulic brakes, which transfer a much greater proportion of a rider's physical strength to the surface of the brakes.


Or maybe you simply want the best...

For the cost-conscious we say our standard Tektro disc brakes are more than adequate for the majority of our riders.  But if you want the best we can add this upgrade for you when you choose a bike from our Classic or Sport range of bikes.

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